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Welcome to Matt & Vikki's site.

Well, for no real good reason or purpose, yet another home page to litter up the information superhighway. Any comments or suggestions welcome.
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palmsWe're pretty keen travellers here are some photos of where we've been starting with our recent trip to Spain. We had an amazing honeymoon starting in the Maldives and then travelling around Sri Lanka. There's also pictures of other trips including Ghana, Togo, Benin and Cuba.

clareThis is my best friend Clare (aka Jam Face) who I've known for aaages since we were at school together - we even managed to have our babies on the same day! April 2005 Clare set off on her big trip - first stop Thailand. After a mid-journey break to come back for my wedding (isn't she wonderful) she travelled round South East Asia and Australia before finally returning on 8th April 2006. These pages record some of her photos and news.

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